2 August 2008

Visegrad, Hungary

A colleague of mine who lives in Hungary took us for a trip out of Budapest to the Danube Curve where the Danube loops around Visegrad, which means high castle. We spent the afternoon and evening in pretty villages, in wild woods, up high hills, on a car ferry, learning Hungarian history and enjoying the occasional beer and an enormous pizza.

Visegrad is steeped in history. The Visegrad Group was formed on 15th February 1991 at a meeting of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic, Václav Havel, the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Wałęsa, and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary, József Antall.

 A similar meeting, took place there in 1335 and was attended by John of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, Charles Robert, King of Hungary, and Casimir III., King of Poland. The central motif of the two meetings was the desire to intensify mutual cooperation and friendship among the three Central European states.

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