30 August 2008

A trip down memory lane

During a short break in Weymouth to see my dad and sister I managed to get some time to walk revisit many of the places that were important to me when I was aged around 7 to 12, this time with a camera.

Sadly the place that I spent a lot of my time back then, the woods off Mount Pleasant Avenue, have been replaced by the Relief Road and there has been much other building on what was woods and fields.

Even the river Wey seems to have decided that there is no place for nature in the new Radipole and it now dribbles its way towards the sea when once it flowed friskily. The water is brown and the river channel is narrow and chocked by plants. It seems to have lost the will to live.

Radipole Manor (pictured) is much as it always was but is currently being worked on; hopefully this will be a tasteful repair rather than yet another conversion to flats. I went to school there when I first moved to Weymouth in 1964 as it was being used as a temporary classroom during the building of the new Radipole County Primary School nearby.

The best part was playing in the large wooded grounds, something that the Health and Safety bureaucrats would not allow today.

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