27 December 2007

Is Knowledge Management dead?

In the ten years or so that I have been working in/with/around Knowledge Management there has been a complete change in the relationship between KM and IT:
  • In the early days any software vendor that had a tool that did anything with information, collaboration or communication used the KM label to try and give the tool some credibility
  • Now KM consultants, gurus, and experts add the KM label to any software tool they can find (particularly in the realm of social networking) in an attempt to justify the continued existence of KM as a discipline that they can be consultants, gurus and experts in.
While the various KM camps (IT, cognitive science, etc.) were arguing amongst themselves over the true path to KM enlightenment, people and organisations solved the problems for themselves without any leadership or direction from the KM community so there is a real question over whether that community has a role to play in the modern networked world.

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