11 December 2007

Do you want a drink in your ice?

The Absolut Icebar London, in Heddon Street off Regent Street, is a bar with a difference, ice! The bar, furniture and drinking vessels are all made out of ice brought from Sweden. The room is chilled to -5 centigrade to stop the ice melting and customers are given warm overcoats to keep them alive. And you are only allowed in for 40 minutes to stop the cold from becoming too discomforting. The only problem is holding the ice cubes containing the drinks in your bare hands. The cocktails are good too, at least all the ones that I tried were!

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  1. Matthew, I always enjoy visiting your blog. I get the impression that you have a more than average knowledge of music, bands, songs etc. I used to play in a "hobby" band in Sweden in my teens and have kept up my musical interest ever since, not the playing though I'm afraid. Also fascinating to read about this icy bar serving drinks in ice from Sweden. My hands shiver at the mere thought of it!


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