6 December 2007

Heroes lives up to expectations

Those of us still stuck with UK terrestrial TV had to wait until this week for the series 1 finale of Heroes and we were not disappointed. The heroes triumphed (i.e. they saved the world) but several of them dies to do so. The story line ended conclusively (unlike Lost, Prison Break, Invasion, etc.) while still allowing a second series to follow seamlessly. Buffy also did this well.

Much has been said about the links between Heroes and comics, such as the creators, the themes and the structure; and all of this is true (as it was for Buffy). But comics has been doing these sorts of stories well for years and TV has only recently, and less consistently, got this right.

In stark contrast, two of the leading current BBC dramas, Spooks and Robin Hood, are so laugh-out-loud bad that I am hoping that their heroes will be killed and the plot of Heroes (a sci-fi fiction about people with super powers) is far more believable than the UK dramas based on real people and real organizations.


  1. I couldn't agree more Mr MFR!!!!

    Both Robin Hood and Spooks could be so much better than they are. As much as I like the sweet Lucy Griffiths, I can't understand why she prances around Sherwood Forset in 'designer clothing'. Bring back Richard Greene! Keith Allen is the star of the show and as soon as he kills off Robin Hood the better and then the BBC rename the series "The Sheriff of Nottingham".

    As for Spooks.... ermmmm, again it's mildly entertaining but some of the acting and storey lines are as wet as Hood. Bring back John Drake!


    HEROES, wow what an absolutely fabulous series. Some of the episodes I watched twice or thrice and said to myself more than a few times "oh, that's why that happened". I'm sure the new series will be just as good.

    I can't wait to see Hiro again - what a wonderful character (and well acted).


  2. Agreed, The Sheriff of Nottingham is a much stronger character and should have his own series.


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