23 February 2020

Willoughby Pub Quiz (23 February 2020)

My turn as quiz master at the weekly Willoughby Arms Pub Quiz seems to come around very quickly and so it is vital that I have a process for producing the quiz.

That does change slightly and in recent months I have been using a theme for the whole quiz on the grounds that should make choosing the subjects of individual rounds easier. I am not wholly convinced that it does but I will stick with the approach until it breaks or I think of something better.

This week it was Cats and Dogs.

I changed the order of the rounds slightly (I should have done that ages ago) so that the potentially easier rounds on popular culture where alternated with the harder rounds. The rounds were music, facts about cats and dogs, films, famous cats and dogs (mostly dogs!), people associated with cats or dogs, and this week's news.

I think it worked OK though it was something of a struggle to find ten people associated with cats or dogs which I think made that the hardest round.

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