12 February 2020

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (February 2020)

A few changes and a few familiar things at this month's British Czech and Slovak (BCSA) Get to Know You Social at the Czechoslovak Club in West Hempstead.

Firstly I had a meeting during the day in Bloomsbury so I walked to the club from there. The most direct route would have taken me through Regent's Park but I had gone that way a few times and so chose a longer route up through Camden Town and on to Hampstead before turning West to, er, West Hampstead. I arrived at the same time as Richard, almost spot on 7pm.

The beer was the same, thankfully.

The food was different. Despite not being on the limited menu they were able to do a smazak for me and this was more upmarket than the ones I had been eating there for years. Most importantly the breaded cheese was nicer and the boiled potatoes were a better option than chips. I missed the little bit of salad though. Overall this was quite a step up and the price reflected that.

Finally, the conversations were much the same. The topics were different, as were some of the people, but the friendly atmosphere and convivial batter were as they always were. And they were the main reason that I went.

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