6 March 2019

Much to love in Green Lantern

I have never been a big reader of DC comics and these days I hardly read any superhero comics from any company so it took something special to get me reading Green Lantern.

That special thing was the creative team of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp, both British as it happens.

I have had mixed experiences with Grant Morrison and while I would not call myself a fan as such I really loved his long run on New X-Men and have enjoyed several other of his books.

Liam Sharp having been around for a few years has suddenly burst to the top of the mainstream at DC starting with Wonder Woman and then with The Brave and The Bold. I have loved all of his work.

This page is fairly typical. The flow is imaginative and the detail is incredible.

Also typical is the wordiness, this is clearly not a Warren Ellis comic! But this is good fluid wordiness and not the panel filling wordiness of the early days when authors thought that they had to explain what the artist had drawn. It's a typical Morrison story too and it needs some attention paid to it, which is effort well spent.

We are five issues in now and I understand that there will be 24 altogether. It is going to be a good couple of years.

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