14 December 2016

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (December 2016)

The only disappointment in December's BCSA "Get to Know You" Social evening is that I managed to compose my usual picture of my food almost exactly the same way that I did in November. I'll have to try harder next month!

Other than that it was a fabulous evening. There were about fifteen people there at one stage and while I did not get to talk to all of them I managed to speak to quite a few and had another evening of excellent conversations on a range of subjects with intelligent and interesting people. That is why I go every month.

The food and drink are a nice addition to the evenings too. The food was the mandatory smazeny syr (the clue is in the picture) and the drink was the usual Pilsner Urquell topped off with a final Zlaty Bazant. I was thirsty for some reason and was on my second pint by 7:15pm and I bought the Zlaty Bazant after 10pm and still finished it comfortably by the time the bar closed at 10:30. Don't worry though, I did drink a lot slower in the middle of the evening!

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