12 October 2016

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (October 2016)

This month's picture of my smazeny syr consumed at the monthly BCSA Get To Know You Social is actually a little different for a change. The food is just the same but my drink is different. Being on a course of antibiotics forced me off the Pilsner Urquell and onto the Vinea, a Czech lemonade.

That was the only change, unless you count Ruzena's absence as significant, and the evening was filled with good conversations with interesting people. We had the usual spat over technology but nobody believed the luddite who was looking forward to the next Windows phone.

We dabbled with some other technologies more connected with the BCSA, I bought a ticker for the BCSA Annual Dinner using the Eventbrite app on my phone, tweeted about it on my account and then used the BCSA Twitter account to retweet it. I also liked Sonia's post on LinkedIn about the dinner which she then responded too. It was all about starting to build a buzz around the Annual Dinner on social media and this blog post is a small part of that.

It was another excellent evening despite the lack of alcohol.

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