19 March 2016

Bouncing to Bungles Finger at the Fox and Duck

It had been a while since I had seen Bungles Finger at the Fox and Duck and I had forgotten just how good they are. If I had remembered I might have got there earlier but other things stole my time and it was around 10pm that I arrived at the pub.

I got a pint of the usual Doom Bar, all the bar staff know what I drink, and made my way to a gap in the bar near the front and to the left, a usual spot.

I was there just in time to hear Pulp's Year 2000 from the seminal album Different Class released in 95. I bought it then and love it now. This was followed by a lively version of Mrs Robinson and I was already starting to bounce and, heaven forbid, sing a little. A surprise return to Pulp gave us their greatest hit, Common People, and more singing.

There was a break for the band to rest and for us to talk and then Bungles Finger returned for another hour of classic songs including Pretty Vacant, Teenage Kicks and Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) for Punk Rock fans (I think that was everybody there) and other rock favourites like Sex on Fire which I suspect covers bands only play because of the title.

Bungles Finger are a rock band and they rocked to the delight of a packed pub. There were plenty of people dancing but I resisted the temptation to join in lacking the energy and the confidence of those that were dancing at the front. I was very happy just to bounce a little at the side.

It was a brilliant evening and I think I know why. The musicians in Bungles Finger are very good but you can say that about a lot of the covers bands that I see; what lifts them above those other bands, in my view, is their more interesting and more varied set-list and having a front-man who acts as a front-man and not just as a singer.

And just to prove that we all had a great time, here is a photo of the happy regulars taken at the end of the evening.

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