9 March 2016

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (March 2016)

Another month and another opportunity to post a picture of Smazeny Syr taken at the Czechoslovak Restaurant London where the monthly gatherings of the British Czech and Slovak Association (BCSA) "Get to Know You" Socials are held.

The meeting in March got off to a roaring start and kept going. I took the scenic walk from Kings Cross to West Hampstead, walking all the way to Baker Street before catching the Jubilee Line. I arrived early, just after 6:30pm for an official 7pm start, and was very quickly joined by two other regulars and two occasional visitors. I was on my second pint when the 7pm start time came.

I spent most of the evening sitting between two committee members of the BCSA and, as a former committee member myself, we spent some time talking about the BCSA and from these conversations came the beginnings of an idea to hold topical discussion meetings that would sit in our schedule somewhere between the anarchy of the monthly socials and the formality of the speaker events. I have been to many such discussions events with LIKE, Big Ideas and SW London Humanists and so I think I have a good idea of what works and why it works. We'll be working more on this idea in the coming weeks.

Other people joined and, as always, a new face meant the opportunity to talk about shared places and shares times. It is always nice to have somebody new to tell my, "When I lived in Prague ..." stories, even if everybody else in the room has heard them all before!

Despite the early start it was still a late finish and I caught the Overground Train back to Richmond just before 11pm. Luckily the bar closed at 10:30pm or it could have been even later.

Another good evening of good conversations and another good reason to go back again next month.

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