29 November 2015

Willoughby Pub Quiz (November 2015)

I have continued to set the questions for the Willoughby Pub Quiz every seven or eight weeks, a group of us take it in turns to set the questions in return for free beer, but I have not always done a picture round and even when I have done one I have not always got around to posting it on here.

If I do a picture round it is in addition to the standard six round os ten questions. I like doing a picture round as it is a different format, I always do a music round for the same reason despite the vagaries of the audio technology in the pub.

This time I went back to one of my favourite picture sources, UK stamps, and picked the most recent sets. This meant that there was a wide range of subjects and also of difficulties - everybody got all of the comedians but the scores for the other sections were somewhat lower.

The answers are given below the pictures.

  • 2nd Gordon Highlanders; Light Infantry, King’s German Legion; Prussian Infantryman, French Imperial Guard Grenadier
  • Spike Milligan, The Two Ronnies, Billy Connolly, Morcambe and Wise, Norman Wisdom, Lenny Henry, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Monty Python, French and Saunders, Victoria Wood
  • Scabious Bee, Great Yellow Bumblebee, Northern Colletes Bee, Bilberry Bumblebee, Large Mason Bee, Potter Flower Bee
  • Lion, Unicorn, Yale, Dragon, Falcon, Griffin

  • Magna Carta, 1215, Simon De Montfort's Parliament, 1265, Bill of Rights, 1689, American Bill of Rights, 1791 ,Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, Charter of the Commonwealth, 2013
  • Tarr Steps, which crosses the River Barle in Exmoor National Park. Row Bridge, a packhorse bridge over Mosedale Beck at Wasdale Head in Cumbria. Pulteney Bridge, in Bath. Craigellachie Bridge, over the River Spey in Moray, Scotland. Pont Y Grog Y Borth Menai Suspension Bridge, linking the island of Anglesey to the Welsh mainland. 
  • High Level Bridge, linking Newcastle-upon-Tyne with Gateshead. Royal Border Bridge, crossing the River Tweed between Berwick-upon-Tweed and Tweedmouth. Tees Transporter Bridge, in Middlesbrough. Humber Bridge, crossing the Humber estuary. Peace Bridge, spanning the River Foyle in Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

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