31 August 2015

My new Liberty shirt, and bag

I like to make a note here of my significant purchases just to remind me later how old some of my things are, both out of curiosity and as justification for replacing them.

I have been wearing Liberty shirts for just over 25 years. I started buying them in some number then, usually around four at a time, because I was working in an office very close to Liberty in Great Marlborough Street and I had the income to do so. My office location changed and the kids came along and while my purchases slowed they never stopped.

Over that 25 years some of my favourite shirts have died. Some are in the garden clothes pile and other are in the sewing pile in the hope that parts of them can be reused. Others have gone completely. There are currently 14 Liberty shirts in my wardrobe varying in condition from suitable for a special occasion to only to be worn in a dark pub.

To keep this range going I need to keep feeding the top end and I like to buy at least one shirt a year.

And this delightful pink thing is my latest.

The spur to buy this one was an online offer that gave a free Flowers of Liberty tote bag with orders over £100. Liberty shirts have crept up to £130 and so I qualified comfortably.

I am very happy with both.

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