15 August 2015

LoudShirts at the Fox and Duck were a lot of fun

I do not write about all the bands that I see at the Fox and Duck simply because I do not have the time to do so and also while most of them are entertaining enough some of them do not offer much to write about. LoudShirts were different.

They were an unknown quantity to me, otherwise I would have gone earlier, and I did my usual thing of turning up around 10pm for the last couple of hours. As I approached the pub I could hear them playing Deep Purple's Mistreated, a song I love but probably had not heard for thirty years or more. A great start to the evening with what turned out to be the last song in the first half of their set.

The interval gave me the chance to say hello to a couple of the Fox and Duck regulars (e.g. Lynsey, Dave and Sue) and also to a couple of new people (Tracie and Cherylanne). I took the opportunity to quaff a few quick Doombars as the walk there had made me thirsty and they were on good form that night.

The second half of LoudShirts' set was as interesting and lively as the first with songs ranging from the Mighty Quinn to Play that Funk Music. There were a few more of my favourites too and, I hate to admit it, the combination of the good music, the alcohol and the lively atmosphere got me dancing to a few of them. I am even sadder to admit that one of my new friends though to celebrate this by taking a photo. I am not going to admit where you can find it online.

It was an evening of simple pleasures, friends, music and beers, and it was a great evening too.

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