14 June 2015

St Michael's Convent on Ham Common (June 2016)

I like to visit the gardens at St Michael's Convent on Ham Common when they open for the National Gardens Scheme because the gardens are so large and varied. One section of the garden is a vegetable plot and one corner of that has a neat lean-to greenhouse that looks all the better for being a little shambolic.

It is not a particularly architectural garden and it prefers the more traditional delights of flowers. I like flowers too so this garden and I get along fine. This bright selection is in the border at the far end of the lawn from the building. The lawn does little, as lawns often do, but that does not matter when it ends with a display of flowers like this.

A few of the flowers prefer to be nearer the building, wanting some shelter perhaps, and these red beauties seem determined not to be out done by their relatives in the garden proper.

A large part of the central section of the garden was once a nursery as a few remaining trees testify. The grass here is given more purpose by having lazy paths cut through it. At another time of the year the grass is peppered with tulips and looks even better.

Finally, some more flowers this time accompanied by a path, one of the many paths that lead around and through the garden allowing residents and visitors to get among the flowers, which is the best way to appreciate their fragrances as well as their colours.

Sadly these gardens may becoming off-limits, or even disappearing, as the convent is moving away from Ham and I doubt if the new owners will be as generous with the garden.

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