7 June 2015

Gardens at Petersham House and Stokes House

The garden at Petersham House is not my favourite locally and I had been to Stokes House several times before but it was a nice day, it was for charity and I had nothing better to do so I went to see them both again. If nothing else it was a good excuse for a walk.

My favourite part of the garden at Petersham House is the border on the far side of the large lawn that faces back towards the house. This is divided by hedges in to  small sections that are all thickly planted. It the the variety and randomness of the planting that I like the most though having an old brick wall as the background helps too.

The kissing bench on the lawn is another favourite. There were other old, and nearly as quint, benches and seats around the edge of the lawn where I could sit and appreciate other perspectives of the garden,

Sadly those perspectives included the bushes dotted across the lawn and they were looking a little the worse of wear, as if they were all recovering from a night out on the town. A trim was needed and without it the garden looked a little unkempt and unloved.

Off to the side of the main garden was the vegetable garden, this was also were the gate to Petersham Nurseries that we used to get in and out was. I often find industrial gardens, and industrial buildings, more interesting than their residential counterparts and so it was here.

The pretty brick wall continued from the main garden and this time it was neatly decorated by a ladder. Here the plants were grown for purpose rather than for shape or colour which made those shapes and colours more natural and more interesting.

The garden at Stokes House was different in scale and approach with smaller plants and more flowers. A low border surrounded the house with a profusion of colours.

The delicate plants were found in all sorts of homes and I found this small bunch snuggling up to the house delightful.

Another border had some bigger and bolder plants, and I was always a sucker for floppy flowers. Behind them was a seat which proved to be an ideal place to sit and enjoy the garden and also a cup of tea and a slice of cake, all in the name of charity.

Neither of these gardens would make my "best of" list but between them they made for a lovely afternoon of beauty, walking and cake. I like days like that.

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