9 January 2015

John Golding: Finding the Absolute at Kings Place Gallery failed to stir me

I have mentioned several times how much I like working in a building that has a couple of art galleries and I have also mentioned many times the excellent exhibitions of modern art that I have been to here and abroad.

So, on the face of it, John Golding;s Finding the Absolute exhibition at Kings Place Gallery should have been just my thing, but it was not.

I've been turned on by a pile of tea-towels in the Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt and by metal blocks at the Gagosian Gallery London but not by these paintings.

This surprised, and still surprises, me as I generally like this sort of abstract art, i.e. large canvasses with just a few coloured shapes and/or lines. And, to be fair, I do like the opening picture with the blue on black rectangles. I did not like any of the other pictures though and it has taken me a while to attempt to understand why that was.

I think that the colour was part of it. The blue on black was two bold colours but elsewhere there were timid blues and unexciting greys. Not just dull colours but uninteresting combinations.

I also found the non-straight lines a little disturbing. They started to make the shapes look like objects rather than just being shapes; is that a black paintbrush handle at the bottom of the picture?

John Golding may not be my cup of tea but I am not going to let one little disappointment put me off modern art in general or the Kings Place Gallery in particular.

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