10 July 2014

Consulting on the future of the Eden Walk site

Eden Walk forms a significant part of Kingston's shopping centre so any changes there are of interest to anybody who cares about Kingston. Anybody like me.

The site currently is something of a disjointed mess and even the best bits look old and tired. The owners are aware of this and are consulting on making substantial changes. I attended their exhibition to find out what they are proposing.

I was pleased to see this map showing Eden Walk in context with the rest of Kingston. The blue areas are those that Eden Walk wants to connect to. Anything that improves the permeability of the centre of Kingston is a good thing.

The people running the consultation were keen to find out what sort of shops and facilities I wanted to see in the new centre and I had to explain that I rarely went there and could not remember when I last bought something there. That was another clue that Eden Walk needed a revamp.

The plans for the future were, I was told, very much up for grabs, including what could be demolished and/or built but there was an artists impression of the sort of thing that could be coming. The obvious features are that it was far more open and also taller.

Eden Walk is in a part of Kingston with little architectural or historical merit so, frankly, I do not care too much what goes there and I would much rather that tall buildings were kept to the centre than allowed to creep in to North Kingston.

It also looks as though Eden Walk will become another destination in the town, rather than just a collection of shops, and that is a good thing.

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