9 July 2014

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (July 2014)

When we started the BCSA "Get to Know You" Social several years ago we took a break in July and August because that is when a lot of people take holiday and then we decided that it was easier to keep to the Second Wednesday of the Month routine throughout the year and not to worry too much if not many people turned up sometimes.

The omens for this July were particularly ominous as two of the Socials' stalwarts (and good friends of mine), Ruzena and Richard, had given their apologies for absence beforehand. And it was Argentina v The Netherlands in the World Cup second semi-final.

In the end just five people came and we still managed to have a good evening. Typically we have about a dozen people there which means that we break up in to three or four separate groups but with just five we were able to have a single conversation with all of us joining in, though I joined in less when the others spoke Czech/Slovak.

What also helped the evening was that the other four people (three Slovaks and one Brit) were new to the Socials so we had plenty to talk about.

The rest of the evening went much to plan and I had my usual Smazeny Syr to eat eased down with a few pints of draught Pilsner Urquell, the first of which disappeared very quickly. Everybody else went for the sausage for some reason.

The football did curtail the evening a little, mostly at my assistance, but by then we had easily filled over two hours with our conversations. And this is what these evenings are all about.

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