29 December 2013

The Shadow out of Time by Lovecraft and Culbard

I took a little risk in giving At the Mountains of Madness by Lovecraft and Culbard a try last year.and liked it so much that I bought the sequels too. Now I am getting around to reading them!

The Shadow out of Time tells the story of  professor who has a seizure of some sort, acts strangely for the next few years and then  becomes his old self again with a strange tale to tell of what happened in the intervening years.

This is Lovecraft so the strange tales include ancient and alien races.

In the final third of the story the professor, and his son, investigate a discovery made in Australia that might be related to what happened to him.

These investigations lead the professor to a startling and frightening conclusion. It would not be a horror story if that were not the case.

It is a steadily paced story that slowly builds up to its dramatic conclusion. This adaptation carries that pace nicely with fewer larger panels, simple colouring and economical text boxes. That is not to say that the artwork is basic, far from it, it is just that it keeps itself fairly quiet and gives the story space to do its work.

(My) words cannot do the artwork justice so here is an example from the start of the story. I think it's pretty.

There is a third volume in the series of Lovecraft stories adapted by Culbard and I am looking to reading that. I also hope that he does some more one day.

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