30 December 2013

Beating the bounds of Ham

Working away for most of the last two years has severely reduced my opportunities for walking through my local neighbourhood, Ham in South Richmond / North Kingston.

A few days holiday at home has given me some time to redress that and today I took advantage of a lapse in the rain to put in a good 8 km walk more-or-less around the borders of the built-up part of Ham.

I managed to keep up my usual just-under 10 minutes a Km pace which gave me a good eighty minutes to catch-up on my podcasts. It's Monday and I am now up to last Thursday. I need to do more walking.

My route took me through some very different areas from social housing to mansions worth several millions each, and everything in-between.

Ham has grown significantly in the last one hundred years and there are clumps of houses from several periods and in several styles.

I also found a few things of interest to post on my Ham Photos blog which tries to capture the unusual, the unexpected and the unnoticed things in Ham. I do that because nobody else does.

Towards the end of my walk I went around the top end of Ham Common and  took this picture looking across it toward the setting sun.

Just another reminder of why I live in Ham and have no intention of moving away.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of finding the interesting and beautiful in my local area so kudos to you Matthew for recording your love of such a great part of the world.


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