5 June 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 5 June 2013

Two splash pages caught my eye this week. Covers are good but they are often disconnected from the story inside, not quite a lie but certainly an exaggeration, while splash pages are part of the story and so are intrinsic to it.

The first comes from Legends of The Dark Knight #9 and shows Batman confronting Scarecrow drawn by Jheremy Raapack. There's lots to like here, such as the use of colour, and the thing that I like the most is the detail in things like the skulls and chains.

The Phantom Stranger #9 by Fernando Blanco is quite different. Colour is still important only this time it is the heavy use of red that I like rather than the mix of colours. The composition is fantastic from the lava to the birds and twisting it off the horizontal slightly adds the final glory.

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