12 June 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 12 June 2013

A good week for covers and I've chosen five to share with some traditional superheroes, a touch of horror and a dash of typography.

I have been a fan of Keith Giffen's art work since his run on The Defenders in the late 70's. There is a lot of Jack Kirby in there, and that's fine, but the lines are finer which gives it a sharper feel. The composition is appropriately traditional too, as is the inside which I do not really have the space to include.

Jim Lee is (probably) DC Comics' most popular artist and this typical illustration shows why. His superheroes are muscular, powerful and purposeful.

DC's other major character get a completely different treatment with Batman reduced to a cropped and stylised logo in the lower third of the page. This is the sort of art I go for in design museums where it is normally advertising furniture or cars so to see it adopted for Batman is a double bonus.

Horror features regularly in these reviews and it is very obvious why I chose this one. The twin flecks of red are wicked.

Constantine sort of bridges the gap between superheroes and horror so we get a standard superhero composition, similar to the one at the top, combined with Voodoo iconography.

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