24 April 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 24 April 2013

I have been reading DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks since getting my iPad about a year ago. It is a simple and very effective idea; it samples a few pages from each comic published that week to give potential readers a much better idea of what the comic is like than any synopsis could. It also saves the hassle of going to a comic shop and the embarrassment of flicking though every new comic without actually buying one.

I like the snippets of story but the main buzz comes from the artwork. Here are three pages that caught my eye this week.

The action in this cover speaks for itself. It's a fairly common construction, here running from gunfire, and is executed nicely so that you can feel the movement and the determination.

The cropped last panel with the unexpected punchline is the clincher here and I love what leads up to it too. It's the cleanness of the drawing, the use of few colours and the darkness.

This is simply sensational. A darkly Gothic horror image that compels you to read the comic. The story the follows does not quite live up to the cover, but then, how could it?

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