14 April 2013

Back to The Old Vicarage in Petersham

My first Open Garden in 2013 was back to The Old Vicarage just up the road in Petersham, and what a difference a year makes.

Last year the garden was open a week or so later and this week Spring has been slow in coming. This unkind combination meant that the tulips that surrounded the house last year were nowhere to be seen this.

The garden was still certainly worth seeing, it was just that my attention was more on the physical aspects of the garden, especially the pots, rather than the soft ones.

There were two clusters of large pots next to the house and both were worth of several photographs. I did, of course take several at interesting jaunty angles and I was somewhat surprised and disappointed that the horizontal ones looked the best.

Another feature of the garden is the wild hill in one corner.

Cultured grass and bulbs lead the way there before giving in to what looked like random weeds, though I suspect that some planning was involved.

This area is also where the children's play house and other apparatus is kept. This, and the tennis court below, show that this is a garden for action as well as peaceful contemplation.

The hill is also where the garden's most distinctive feature can be found - the three green deer. And, finally, a chance for an angled shot.

They are so clearly fake on two counts, they are not real deer and they are not trimmed hedges either,  yet their charm is undeniable.

Venturing to the furthest corner of the wild hill to look back towards the house shows just how wild the wild hill is and also how large the garden is.

Despite its natural beauty the wild hill does look like a work in progress or even just laziness, and it lacks something like a bench or a pond to give it focus.

That said, the path around the wild hill is a break from the intense formality of the borders around the house which could be considered to be over manicured in the same way that the wild hill is under cultivated.

Of course all this is my view of the garden but I am not the person who lives there. I was just a visitor and I enjoyed my second visit enough to contemplate a third later in the year when the flowers should be out.

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