6 January 2013

Willoughby Pub Quiz (January 2013)

The first Sunday in January was my turn again to do the Willoughby Pub Quiz and I went for a simple structure after playing with some alternatives.

I also went for the easy option where I could with rounds lifted straight from Wikipedia and a return to stamps for the picture round.

The six main rounds were:
  1. Today's news - taken directly from the BBC News website
  2. Actors who have starred in and directed their own films - taken from a Wikipedia article
  3. Leeds (my home town) - started with the main Wikipedia and followed some of the leads, e.g. TV shows made there
  4. Songs about January - an iTunes playlist created by searching for songs with "January" in the title (this proved to be the hardest round)
  5. It happened on 6 January - taken directly from the Wikipedia article
  6. Acclaimed current TV shows - I easily thought of the shows, e.g. Dexter and Borgen, and I lifted the descriptions from Wikipedia and edited them down to the key clues.

I like using stamps for the picture round is that they are easy to find on the web, all the pictures in a set are the same size, they are British and it is easy to pick some easy ones and some hard ones.

Here the Dr Who actors were easy, everybody got them all, and the designers were the hardest, I do not think that anybody got any of them though they all knew the names when I gave the answers.

People regularly hit this blog looking for pub quiz questions so I'll try to remember to post the answers to the pictures round in a comment. The other questions and answers you can work out for yourselves.

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