20 August 2011

New suits

I have three classes of suit; a best for special events like weddings, a couple of good business suits for sales calls and demanding clients and a couple of cheap business suits for everyday wear when the client environment does not demand any more.

I rarely suffer the drop down to smart casual at work and find it a real pain when I have to do so. Suits are just so much easier. I mostly wear white shirts and the only semi-decision to make is the tie to go with it and I have a rough schedule that cycles through my Liberty ties.

My two lower end suits both got binned at the end of my last project so it was back to Next to get some more. I usually buy these suits from Next as they are just a little bit more modern than, say M&S, without being overly so. They also fit me in just the same way that Jaegar suits never do.

The colour is easy too. Black.

Black suits me, again in a way that Navy and Grey do not, and it also allows me to wear ties with any colour that I like. As I do.

While the choosing is easy the shopping is less so. I used to work in the City and there the branches of Next carry a large stock of suits but out in the sticks, e.g. Kingston upon Thames, the range is limited and the stock more so.

The half hour or so that I spent in the shop and the hour or more getting there and back was a complete waste of time.

So I did what I should have done in the first place and headed for the internet instead. Their the Next website showed me their range of suits, allowed me to pick exactly the sizes I wanted and promised next day delivery. And next day it was.

I do like it when simple things like buying a new black suit turn out to be simple after all.

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