15 April 2011

Three recent photos

For years I've always carried a camera around with me (and it has always been a Canon Ixus of some kind). Now I carry two. The Ixus 80IS is still in my bag but there is also a decent camera in my iPhone4.

I still take the vast majority of photos with the Ixus but here is a selection of three recent photos taken with the iPhone4.

Spring heralds that start of the Open Gardens season and that means lots and lots of photos.

I've chosen this one simply because I like the composition.

The trees stand proudly with their arms outstretched as if protecting the flowers beneath them.

These flowers cluster together and stick close to the trees as if seeking safety in number.

Overall I think that the photo gives an accurate representation of what makes this garden tick.

The second photo is very different and required a little trickery.

It was taken at the monthly BCSA "Get to know you" Social where I have developed the sad habit of taking photos of some of what I eat and drink.

Zlaty Bazant is a lovely Slovak beer made lovelier by the attractive bottle and glass that it comes in.

The extreme colouring is done by the Instagram app that lets you play with your picture before posting it to the internet.

The final picture is of Gloucester Road Underground Station and was taken when waiting for a Richmond train late one night.

Clearly the sense of movement is important here but I also like the line of old-fashioned lamps and the near empty platform that gives a sense of stillness that contrasts with the train.

I took the picture at the angle that seemed to work best for the subject, especially the lamps.

I hardly take any photos vertically these days!

I do not claim that any of these pictures have any great merit but there is something that I like in all of them and I thought that was worth sharing.

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