23 April 2011

The Return of The Thin White Duke (to Petersham)

It was worth going to see The Thin White Duke at the Fox and Duck again just so that I could use the "The Return of The Thin White Duke" heading. (For the uninitiated that's a line from the magnificent Station to Station).

It was also well worth going for the songs of David Bowie as delivered by The Thin White Duke.

This was my second time with The Thin White Duke having first seen them at The Fox and Duck last November.

The only reason that I had gone so long without seeing them again was simply because they had not played locally again since then.

The Fox and Duck suits them well. The performance area is just about the right size for a five-piece band and the locals are good Bowie fans.

The pub gets packed and many people sing along to the songs. Including me.

We even got a few people dancing at end but I was happy to keep out of that. My singing is not up to much but my dancing is even worse.

The Thin White Duke bill themselves as "made by Bowie fans for Bowie fans" and that comes across strongly both in the choice of songs and the enthusiasm of the performance.

Talking to the band reinforced this even further and we were soon talking about band line-ups, producers and even songs from the often overlooked first album, David Bowie, from 1967.

One of the best things about The Thin White Duke is their selection of songs.

Bowie gives you a lot of fantastic songs to choose from, including all the classic singles like Life on Mars, Jean Genie and Fashion but The Thin White Duke avoid playing safe and also give us songs like Lady Stardust, Rock n Roll Suicide and Diamond Dogs.

And I was delighted that they ended the evening with Width of a Circle, the opening tracks from 1970's The Man Who Sold the World. Magnificent.

Pub nights don't get much better than this.

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