3 February 2011

Back to Kew (March 2011)

The Sunday morning sun shone unexpectedly bright through the bedroom curtains so a quick decision was made to go to Kew Gardens to exploit it.

The plan of what to do there evolved on the 65 bus en route and coalesced in to a gentle ramble in the north-west corner where priority is given to the trees.

An intrinsic part of the design of the gardens here is the long sight-lines to landmarks like the Pagoda. This less travelled path towards the river takes you past a garden within a garden. The clue is the seats and if you accept the offer of sitting there you can enjoy a small pond heavily planted. Last time I lingered there I saw a few peacocks who were ridiculously hard to spot amongst the vegetation.

Kew Gardens is reassuringly large and encourages you to wander at will. In doing so you see different things or familiar things in different ways. That's why it's special.

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  1. I have been to Kew Gardens many times, but mostly seen it from the towpath when we used to walk there from Isleworth and Richmond Lock. People often sat on the grassy slope in Kew Gardens looking over the river towards Sion House.


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