15 December 2010

Good fun (again) at the BCSA social

I (almost) never miss the monthly BCSA "Get to Know You" socials at the Czechoslovak National House in West Hampstead because they are an excellent combination of conversations, drink and food (in that order).

There tend to be a few regulars, like Richard, Ruzena and myself, and also a few new or rare faces to mix things up a bit. This time the rare faces making a welcome return included Craig, Veronika, Jamie and Sona. As a result it was mostly British men and Slovak women.

Ruzena might have been the only Czech there but I was not taking names, this was a social not a workshop!

The evening progressed much as they always do. First-up was a Pilsner Urquell and a Smazeny Syr. One day I'll try something else to eat, but not just yet.

I then went on to the Zlaty Bazant (pictured) and was a little embarrassed when Jane corrected my pronunciation - I would have sworn that there was an accept about the first "z" too.

Not only is Zlaty Bazant an excellent Slovak beer it also comes in a cool glass, and that is important.

It also made a good subject for a poncy photograph taken at an odd angle (a trademark) and with the colour accent feature set to highlight the greens (my new favourite setting).

One or two more beers followed (but no shots this month!) but they were almost a side issue to the conversations, a way of keeping the mouth lubricated for action and something to do when somebody else was talking.

Again no notes so no real recollections of what we discussed but new definitely covered the new X-Men film (Jamie is in it), mobile phones (I think we convinced Ruzena to ask Santa for an iPhone4) and the weather (Slovakia was unseasonably warm at that time).

Somehow four hours whizzed passed and it was time for the traditional frantic dash to one of the three West Hampstead station to catch the Overground train back to Richmond.

I like having fun that is funny and this was definitely funny fun.

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