8 December 2010

Big Ideas for Christmas

The Big Ideas Christmas Drinks morphed nicely in to a normal Big Ideas discussion but with fewer people, which made it much cosier and gave us all more opportunity to talk. A good result all round!

A few good souls braved the harsh cold to make their way to The Wheatsheaf in Fitzrovia for the very loosely defined Christmas Social. The evening started well with the discovery that the pub had Black Sheep Best Bitter on tap. A long-time favourite beer of mine, and from Yorkshire too!

The Social started as socials do with the usual exchange of pleasantries about who does what for a living during which it became apparent that people in IT and/or who are Project Managers are those most likely to be drawn to these events. I scored on both counts so was the saddest person there.

The ice broken, a table claimed and another round of drinks ordered, we moved on to the more philosophical topics of the role of the state in delivering public services, the ethics of discussing a patient's condition with their immediate family and other such diverse topics that were driven by our current situations.

Somewhere along the line, Nathan (one of the founders of Big Ideas) confessed that this was a philosophy group which unsettled me a little as I don't do or rate philosophy. He must have got that wrong as philosophy is pants but Big Ideas is cool!

Through this we got to know each other a little better too and I had to confess to sending a child to a private school and of trying to manage junior doctors.

I judge the success of evening like this by how much I talk and how late I stay and I think I got the balance of both right. I got all my main points across while (I hope!) allowing others to contribute their views too and I left about an hour after I originally planned.

Going to Big Ideas meetings is going to become a habit of mine.

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