11 September 2010

Kick-Ass kicks ass (twice)

Kick-Ass, the comic, was a lot of craftily executed fun combining Mark Millar's fast-paced and irreverent script with John Romita Jr's. bold action style.

The extreme violence might not have been to everybody's taste but at least the covers gave fair warning of what to expect.

The comics was soon followed by the film and now it's on DVD.

The film's genesis in the comic is instantly recognisable and it follows the original plot for most of the way, unlike a previous Millar film, Wanted, that diverged rapidly and greatly. And both films have the advantage of being better than the comics.

Kick Ass the film expands on the original by giving us more of Hit Girl's origin (we already knew how Kick Ass started) and she becomes the star of the film. After all, what's not to like about a ten year girl old executing hordes of mafiosa?

Kick Ass is silly but it knows it is and delights in this as it bounces along effortlessly from one brisk scene stuffed with sharp lines to another. The natural reaction is to enjoy the sheer bravura of the story and appreciate the violence as if it were a Tom and Jerry cartoon. The ending is cute too.

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