15 July 2010

Brno is a very pretty town

It's unfair to blame Brno for the relentless sun and blistering heat that has made exploring it more of an endurance than an exploration at times because under that clear blue sky and bright sun there is a very pretty town.

The old town used to sit inside large walls that were cleared to make room for expansion but the old barrier is still fairly obvious in the street layouts.

Inside the now imaginary walls is quite a small town, it only takes about ten minutes to walk right across is, that shows what happens when you refuse to do any sort of town planning.

The roads meander this way and that coming together frequently in one of the many squares, i.e. open spaces, non of them are very square geometrically.

The overall effect is rather like that The House that Jack Built for Emma Peel and every road you take soon leads you to somewhere that you've been before.

There are no hidden corners.

The Old Town is ridiculously thick with Baroque buildings that have you looking up all the time, camera at the ready.

This example is slightly above average but not particularly so. I chose it more for its averageness than its uniqueness.

There are a few old buildings still waiting to be rescued and a few newer ones that should be quietly demolished but these are the exceptions that prove the rule that Brno is a very pretty town.

Filling the days has been easy with lazy walks between beautiful settings punctuated by exaggerated pauses for rest, food and the local beer Starobrno.

Brno simply did all the things that I hoped it would do.

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