11 July 2010


I'm in Berlin, to be honest, because it's on the road to where I want to be, Brno, and is a convenient stop on the way. Having decided to stop it here it would have been churlish not to have paused for a day just to see what Berlin has to offer.

Getting here was harder than it should have been due to the theft of signalling equipment delaying the eurostar by 30 minutes when I only had 25 minuted to make the connection to Cologne in Brussels. Got rescheduled easily enough with just two hours to kill in Brussels Midi station (there are better places to kill time) and while guards on both subsequent trains had some issue with the tickets I got to Berlin on the day intended.

It has been hot today. Far too hot for walking around sight-seeing, but that's what I did not having the luxury of a second day here. Regular stops for beers and to sit in the shade got me to the Brandenburg Gate and to Potsdamer Platz so I was happy with the day.

I cannot leave Berlin without saying something about music. Everybody knows the song Vienna and I cannot go there without it intruding on my conciousness all the time. Berlin is the same. The Berlin song that haunts me here, in a nice way, is by Fischer-z from the seriously good album Red Skies over Paradise. It was worth coming here just to live with that song for a day.

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