19 April 2010

Sampling Moravian wines

The Annual General Meeting of the British Czech and Slovak Association is not the most exciting event of the year but it is worth going to for the entertainment after the business is over. This year we were given the opportunity to sample ten wines from Moravia, not a region that I had previously associated with wine.

We were given a sheet to help us to compare them all based on their colour, body, nose, taste, etc. but as the sampling went on it seemed less import to keep this up to date!

There were mountains of Czech bread and cheese to subdue the alcohol and reset the palate between samplings. Not the ideal evening meal, but it was good enough.

There were plenty of conversations too with other BCSA members that I had met at other events. My thanks to Ruzena for repeatedly reminding me of their names. We really ought to wear name tags at these events. Or I ought to learn to remember peoples names; I think that they would like that.

And the wine? Disappointingly the first one that I tried was comfortably the best and after that it was downhill through wines that were too sweet and too thin for my taste. Nothing horrible but nothing to look out for in the offie either.

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