16 November 2009

Stackridge back at the 100 Club

Stackridge put on a good show and they do not get up to London that often so when they do I am likely to be there.

Apparently it is just over a year since I last saw them play, that time at the Boom Boom Club in Sutton. so a return to the 100 Club was long over due.

Other people had the same idea and the place was packed when we arrived during the support act (the less said about them the better).

Luckily many of them succumbed to the lure of the bar when the support finished and I was able to get my usual, but unexpected, place right at the front. I elected to stand right of centre (not that I had that much choice this time due to the large crowd) and that gave me a different view of the band from previous gigs.

The were some changes from previous gigs, a new violinist and some new songs, but both blended in seamlessly and while I missed God Speed the Plough we still got Purple Spaceships over Yatton so all was well in the world.

The full crowd also served to trap the band on stage who were unable to leave between set and encore and were then not allowed to escape until the planned ending, Do the Stanley, was followed by Dora the Female Explorer.

Stackridge entertain joyously and enthusiastically, and nobody can ask for more than that.

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