23 November 2009

Great Indian food at Origin Asia

Like most English people, I love a curry and I eat them home-cooked, takeaway and in restaurants. And I like to go to different restaurants to try out different dishes.

But for some years now I have been a regular visitor to Origin Asia on the Kew Road in Richmond. It's a couple of miles away but the buses go more or less door-to-door so the journey is easy and the food makes that little effort well worthwhile.

We usually go as a foursome and share all of the dishes each picking one starter and one main meal, all vegetarian of course, which we supplement with a selection of breads and beers.

The food is what we go for and it is always exciting and well prepared. When you are used to the staple vegetable madras/vindaloo it makes a refreshing change to come across items like Aloo Tikki Pithi Wali which is described as a crispy shallow fried patty of mashed potatoes stuffed with spicy chana lentil, and topped with tamarind, mint sauce and yogurt. It tastes as good as that sounds.

I'll continue to go to several other local Asian restaurants but Origin Asia remains the place to go on special occasions, like when friends are around.

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