8 September 2009

Hoaxwind at Millfest

Millfest is little more than an old fashioned street party held in a little patch of open land off Mill Street in Kingston upon Thames but Hoaxwind were playing so I went.

The afternoon got off to a good start with a pre-gig drink in the nearby pub, the Cocoanut, where I had an amiable chat with Julian and Eugene from Hoaxwind.

The next drink was more of a challenge! Millfest did not have a licence which they got round by using an exchange system, you buy paper "Moolah"s with real cash then swap the Moolahs for drink.

The stage was a simple marquee and it worked well. In fact it was bigger than some pub stages and provided ample room for the six members of the band.

The set was shorter than usual as there were lots of acts to fit in during the afternoon but Hoaxwind had enough time to treat us to seven songs, labelled on the set list as Orgone Accumulator, Assault, Death Trap, Angels, Quark and Ejection. All familiar songs and all delivered with skill and enthusiasm.

The sky grew dark but the rain kept away and it is hard to think of a better way of spending a late Summer evening than being outside listening to a good band play Hawkwind songs while nursing a decent beer.

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