3 September 2009

2000AD Prog 1651

2000AD continues to please mightily and is still the first comic that I read every week - my copy arrives in the post on Saturday morning.

Judge Dredd has started a new era with a new Chief Judge in Mega-City One banishing him to the Cursed Earth to look after the returning mutants. John Wagner still writes most of the Judge Dredd stories and that is a good thing.

Returning to 2000AD this prog were Strontium Dog (Johnny Alpha), also written by John Wagner and also originating over thirty years ago, and Nikolai Dante, another classic story that dates back to 1997.

Two more recent additions to the 2000AD stable, Shakara and Kingdom, were into part two of their latest stories.

Kingdom is written by the seemingly ubiquitous Dan Abnett who having made his name at 2000AD and with his Warhammer novels, is now also writing comics for Marvel (War of Kings) and DC (The Authority) which I also read.

2000AD started as something of a rebellious young kid but after thirty years it has matured wonderfully into a literary and artistic tradition that is still enjoyed by many of us that were there in the beginning as well as other generations who have joined the journey to the future more recently. It's simply a great read every week.

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