14 October 2008

Kingstonian 1 - 1 Metropolitan Police

I am only an occasional visitor to Kingsmeadow these days but I was tempted by the fine weather, a midweek game on a day that I had nothing else on, and the ridicule of some friends for my extended absence to go and see Kingstonian play Metropolitan Police in the Isthmian League Division One South on Monday night.

I started my football life watching Weymouth play in various minor leagues and I like the atmosphere of these games where the crowd almost know each other as well as the players do. I also like being able to stand to watch the game, rather than the enforced seating in higher leagues, and walking from one end of the ground to the other at half time to be behind the goal that my team is playing towards.

Kingstonian are currently top of the league and so a draw at home against the team currently fifth was a little disappointing. More disappointing was the way that they played with a very slow midfield that seemed incapable of playing forward quickly and imaginatively and equally incapable of stopping the opposition from doing just that.

My friends claimed that the lethargy was due to a hard game just two days previously but I had not been there to see that so have to take their word for it!

The result and the lethargy apart, it was not a bad night out and if the favourable circumstances repeat themselves I could go again :-)

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