8 October 2008

English beer, Indian food, Irish music

The first Tuesday of every month is Irish music night down at the Canbury Arms which provides a good excuse for a night out, particularly when one of your friends is playing in the band and is about to disappear off around the world for two months.

The Irish music is provided by a loose collective that sits at a large table in the middle of the bar and entertains us from around 9pm to closing time. I think that you can see around 11 musicians in this picture but the number changes throughout the evening and I am sure that there were 14 or 15 playing at one point.

The Canbury Arms is a fairly standard gastro pub with an interesting, if limited, menu that is well presented and well cooked. I normally stick to the small dishes (bar bites and starters) but there was a curry available for the main course so the decision was made. The curry was butternut squash and chick peas, which I would probably have gone for even if they were not curried, and the spiciness was just right, almost a madras.

There was the usual good selection of real ales available and I settled on the Sundancer from local brewery Twickenham Ales. They produce several beers and I enjoy all of them!

Good music, good food, good beer and good friends makes for a great evening.

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  1. That's all you need to have a good good good good time! Sounds great.


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