18 October 2007

What a waste of money by Kingston Council!!

Kingston Council is proposing to make most of North Kingston a 20mph zone and is planning lots of signs and road humps to enforce the scheme. Sounds reasonable in principle but in most of the roads that they plan to introduce the new lower limit, speeds of 20mph are impossible anyway so this is all a waste of money.

I made this point, and other similar ones, to one of my local (Conservative) councillors and he agreed with me! Apparently (Lib Dem) Kingston Council would rather waste the money being given by TfL for road improvements than not spend it at all.

But it is all tax payers' money at the end of the day so Kingston Council is wasting my money and I am not at all happy about it.

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  1. Maybe I should count myself lucky not to live there any more. As I remember it, most of the traffic is slow anyway, and accelerating after a bump spews out more fumes, does it not? I agree, what a waste of money!


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