11 October 2007

Running a Communications Workshop

I am in Dallas to run a Communications Workshop for my current client. My objective for the day is to show them how to produce a Comms Kit (messages) and Comms Plan (delivery) for one of the projects I am responsible for and to enable them to produce them for the other eight projects in this region.

I was asked to lead the workshop because it is closely based on the Guide to Change Management and Communications that I wrote for the program. The process we will follow is fairly simple, which is a strength, and has a logical sequence. As it is not specific to these projects, i.e. it is a general approach, I thought that I would share it.

The process consists of these steps:
  • Identify all the changes being made by the project
  • Identify the stakeholder who are impacted by, or who can influence, these changes
  • Document all the messages that need to be delivered to these stakeholders in the Comms Kit
  • Determine how best to deliver each set of messages to each group of stakeholders, taking account of the complexity of the message and the degree of commitment required from the stakeholders
  • Summarize the communications activities in a Comms Plan
  • Deliver the Comms Plan
Simple but effective.

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