2 November 2006

TWAU on Thursday

One of my rituals is to go to The Walk Among Us in Richmond on my way home from work on Thursday evenings as that is the day that the comics come in. I have a regular order which I try to keep down to what I can read in a week - something I always fail in and so the unread pile of comics is gradually going. The respite comes when I take my youngest son to a chess tournament, he plays chess all day and I read comics all day - that's a result!

Not many comics in this week so I may be able to read them all before the next lot come in (who am I trying to kid?!).

The Incredible Hulk #100 is the top of this week's crop and it's massive. I've really enjoyed the Planet Hulk storyline so it's good to see that this week's issue is part 1 of 4.

Also worth a mention is Mystery in Space simply because it's written by Jim Starlin and I read everything that he does. Warlock is one of my all time favourite comics and sitting somewhere in my to-be-read pile is a signed copy of the Dreadstar hardback.

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