4 November 2006

Space Ritual

Space Ritual do what it says on the tin, they play lots of stuff from Hawkwind's classic 70s album of the same name. They also play other Hawkwind numbers and a fair amount of their own material. All this got the crowd really rocking at London's 100 Club on Friday night.

They came on at 9:30 and finally left the stage at midnight (forcing many of us to rush for the last tube home) having played 15 songs, that's an average of 10 minutes each! The whole feel of the evening is that of an extended jam with a glorious mix of sounds from the many instuments on stage.

The Hawkwind favourites, particularly the final encore Orgone Accumulator, where the obvious highlights but there own new material and the rarer Hawkwind songs fitted in well. I was particularly please to hear Steppenwolf from Amazing Sounds, Amazing Music. The much missed Robert Calvert got a couple of mentions during the evening.

The 100 Club has quite a small stage which only just had enough space for the seven band members, a dancer, The Fabulous Ms Angel, and a guest saxophonist on a couple of songs. It's also a low stage so, as you can tell from the photo, you can get really close to the band. Magic!

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