2 March 2020

The Cat and the Canary at Richmond Theatre thrilled entertainingly

This week's touring show at Richmond Theatre was The Cat and the Canary. Apparently the story is strong enough to have been made as a film three times but I have no recollection of ever seeing any of them. However that was sufficient recommendation to go and see it and I booked my usual seat Dress Circle A25 for just £17.25 thanks to an ATG Opening Night Offer.

Just in case you have not seen any of the films either, the premise was, "Twenty years after the death of Mr. West, his descendants gather at a remote mansion to learn who will inherit his vast wealth and the hidden family jewels."

Obviously there were tensions between the distant family members and plans to thwart Mr West's intentions. The questions was who was doing this? This was a whosdoingit rather than a whodunit.

Watching it being done was exciting as the tension was built with devices like thunder storms, and escaped madman and ghostly hands emerging from secret panels. These are all familiar thriller tropes because they work and they worked very well here.

I was not that surprised when we found out whosdoingit but I was just falling into a trap and there were several surprising revelations after that.

The Cat and the Canary set out to thrill and it did that entertainingly.

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