23 July 2016

Most of my "fans" are in Russia

I run Google Analytics on this blog and while I take them with a huge pinch of salt I do find them interesting.

For example, I can always tell when certain events are coming up, such as the open days at Watergardens on Kingston Hill, as my write ups of those start appearing in the most popular stories list.

The pinch of salt comes from the places that people read my blog from. Some foreign readers are to be expected as I often write things about other countries, especially the Czech and Slovak Republics, and some of my stories are not about any country, e.g. those I write about comics.

However, none of that explains the current high interest that I am getting from Russia. I am pretty sure that they are all spammers, cyber-crooks or members of some other nefarious groups.

If you are from Russia and you are a real fan then please leave a comment to let me know why. I'll understand if you are shy. Or a bot.

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