11 July 2015

The Bite at the Fox and Duck do something a little different and do it well

I do not need much of an excuse to go to the Fox and Duck in Petersham on a Saturday night but, as excuses go, The Bite were a pretty good one.

I was not impressed to have to work over the weekend and was determined to not let work ruin things completely so when I hit a natural break-point in work around 10pm I headed for the pub rather than for bed, which may have been the more sensible option. Or I could have watched the end of TED which is a great film.

I had not done many steps, less that 9k, so I walked the long way to the Fox, following the 371 bus route though Ham. That took me just above my target 12k steps and got me to the pub around 11pm.

The main reason that I made that effort was the band's published set-list on LemonRock. There are many rock cover bands on the circuit and songs like Sweet Child O' Mine get played a little too often for my taste but The Bite promised songs like Lazy (Deep Purple) and Next (Sensational Alex Harvey Band) which are far more interesting.

The promise was soon kept. I got to the pub just as they started the second half of their set and they were soon into Faith Healer, another SAHB classic. This was followed by the likes of Radar Love and Hocus Pocus both of which I love immensely. This was clearly a band with good taste in music, i.e. close to mine.

They closed with Bohemian Rhapsody which, as they said , everybody knows the words to but I was possibly the only person in the pub who knew it from when it was first released in 1975. Similarly with their first Encore song, Delilah. It was clear from the band's movements that this was the SAHB version rather than Tom Jones'. A quick conversation with the bassist afterwards confirmed this.

Their final song was a request, from me. As I said above, I had seen Next, originally by Jacques Brel and later by SAHB, on their set list and I called for this when they were looking for one last song to play. Luckily they had not played it in the first half so they could play it at the end. I loved to hear it again for the first time for a while and it was good to see that other people in the pub recognised it.

The Bite were a new band for me, and for the Fox and Duck, and they did enough on their first visit to make me want to see them again.

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